13 May 2013

Woman with her lies

I’m a woman with no tears when I cry (I lied. YES!)  No one knows the time when I feel bad. I showed them my happy face while my heart still upset. I showed them smile while my heart hurts. But I am the one who cries a lot. Since there is no tears, it hurts my heart more. 

I’m a woman who easily falls for someone. I afraid they might reach my heart. Afraid they may melt my heart. Afraid my heart won’t follow my voice. So I tie up my heart. Place my heart deep in myself so no one can reach. Now I wanna use my heart less. So I won’t feel bad more. And my heart won’t cry anymore :')

They may enter my heart and I can easily forget. Do not mean unaccepted but I afraid no more fill. Don’t want to cry because it hurt. Just come to give feel and go like the wind. Don’t come to give feel and remain like the sun, left when I’m done. Let it deep froze and melt for just the only One who can give warm.

Whisper to myself, control your mind and soul. Keep yourself tough and secure like man who guard the fairly beauty of a pearl. Protect with the painful torn and rough like a stone. Never let them go through and grab your heart away from you until the roughness stone and the torn never become the wall for determination.

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